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When it comes to buying a flat screen television, there are many perks to consider. Beyond being able to save space and improve the aesthetics of the room it is in, they are lightweight and thin in depth, allowing you to directly mount them on the wall with mounting brackets. Not everyone does this as some individuals purchase entertainment units with spaces for the television. Those who are interested in mounting their television may be surprised by how many options are available for mounting brackets. In this article, we are going to go over the types of TV wall mounts available and how to choose the right one for your television viewing pleasure.

What to Consider When Deciding on a Wall Mount

TV Wall Mounting BracketsIn order to choose the correct type of mounting brackets for your television and the space it will go in, you must decide on what type of movement you would like the television to have or if you want it to have movement at all. This will be based on the room layout, your intended audience, and what your personal preferences are for television viewing angles. Other than this, you will want to purchase the right TV wall mount for the size and weight of your television. This keeps the mount from sagging under the weight of the TV or mechanically failing due to damage. With this said, let’s take a look at the most common types of mounting brackets.

Fixed TV Wall Mount.

This type of mounting bracket holds the television flush against the wall in a very snug manner. It offers a very simple, clean, and custom look but does not offer any type of position adjustment. If you plan to place your television against a flat wall, and plan on viewing the television from the same angle, this type of mounting bracket works best.

Tilting TV Wall Mount.

If you are planning on placing your TV over a mantle, fireplace, or another type of display, a tilting mount bracket allows you to angle the display downwards. Although the tilt adjustment varies from model to model, it will generally range from 5-15 degrees of vertical adjustment  will not tilt in a horizontal direction. The tilting option is useful as it gives viewers the choice of a vertical alignment for a perfect viewing experience.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount.

Individuals who want flexibility with how they move their television have the perfect solution in Full motion or articulating TV wall mounts. You can move your television away or towards the wall, angle it from side to side, and tilt it both up and down. With this type of TV wall mount, you can get creative with where you put the television, combat constant sun glare, and allow viewers to sit anywhere in the room. It is important to note that these types of mounts are generally heavier, requiring adequate wall surface support to absorb the weight of the mount and the TV.

Corner TV Wall Mount.

If you are planning on placing your television in a high-up corner, getting an articulating corner TV wall mount would be ideal. It will allow you to independently center or off-centre the television depending on seating arrangement. Corner TV mounts come with separate wall plates. They can be installed on adjacent walls if separated. If the wall plates are installed to the same wall, the mount can be installed just like any other Full Motion TV wall mount.

Swivel TV Wall Mount.

This type of wall mount is similar to the tilt wall mount but rather than angling down or up, it has a left or right angled movement which is built on an extension. This allows you to have flexibility in moving your television from side to side without needing to angle it.

Mantel TV Wall Mount.

The Mantel TV mount bracket does something a little bit more unique than any of the others on this list. It allows the viewer to pull the television down off the wall and position it at eye level with your mantel or fireplace. With this mounting bracket, you can place a television above fireplace with ease, pull it down when you want it and tilt it from side to side. You simply push it back up when you are done. This is great for eliminating neck and eye strain.

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Although selecting and setting up a TV wall mount can be relatively easy, it can get complicated really quickly if you have multiple places where you could put the mounting bracket or are unsure of the type of mounting surface you are dealing with. If you find yourself in this situation, a professional TV mounting technician from Mr. Star can do all the heavy lifting and technical configuration so that you can simply sit back, relax and get on with your life while your TV is being mounted. Mr. Star technicians can help you pick out the right TV wall mount, install your TV and audio system, connect all your devices, and even conceal all your wires for a clean premium look.

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