The right TV size for room

What Size TV Should I Buy? A Quick Guide

Are you thinking of buying a TV? Apart from deciding which resolution you should opt for; you must also choose the right TV size for room, basement or office. Now, if you are planning to get your TV mounted in your living room, it is important to consider two things- screen size and position.

Screen size and Resolution

Begin by deciding what screen size you want. Nowadays, television sets are getting bigger with every passing year. Hence, people now demand a large screen size. Know that the screen size is not the same as the TV size since the latter measures from one corner of the television set to the other. Newer TVs comes with thin bezel, maximizing the viewing real estate and minimizing the actual size of the television set.

You must decide on screen size depending on what type of resolution you want. There are many kinds of TV screens: 1080P, 4K and 8K. The higher the resolution is, the closer you can sit in front of the TV. Most mainstream TVs are 1080P. These are considered full HD and provide a crisp viewing experience. For even a better picture quality, an ultra HD 4K TV would be a great option as it provides twice the number of pixels (resolution) than a 1080P TV. 4K TVs are ideal for watching live high definition sporting events, gaming and watching movies. Lastly, 8K TVs take customer’s viewing experience to a new level with exceptional depth and detail. 8K TVs provide 4x more pixels than ultra HD 4K televisions. Viewers who have access to 8K content would definitely appreciate the clear and precise picture quality of 8K TVs.

TV sizes also vary from small (24-32 inch), mid-size (40-43 inch), big screen (55 and 65-inch) to ultra-big screen (65 and 82 inch). Most condominium living rooms can fit a 55 inch TV. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to multiply your viewing distance (in feet) by 8 to determine the TV size. As an example, if you have a 55 inch TV, you can sit about 7 feet away from the TV for a comfortable viewing experience. You can use this calculation whenever shopping and doing a TV size comparison.


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TV Mounting vs. StandTV Mounting vs. TV Stand

A TV size comparison isn’t the only thing that matters. Instead, you must also decide on the basis of how you will be positioning your TV.

If you are opting for wall mounting, you can get away with selecting large sizes for the TV. Why? This is because using a stand and setting the TV on the table places it closer to the viewer. Compared to this, choose a quality wall mounting service to mount your TV, and you will find an ideal position for viewing. The type of mount you use along with the thickness of the TV will help in deciding the viewable distance.

Read our Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right TV Mounting Bracket post for more informative details on different types of wall mounting brackets.

Same Day TV Mounting ServiceUse a TV size comparison guide and choose the ideal TV size. Larger screen size TV are becoming more and more affordable. Some 75 and 80-inch television models are available for under $2,000. You can take the above guidelines in consideration when deciding on the purchase of a new TV. If you are thinking of mounting your TV, Mr. Star’s TV Mounting service might be just what you need. Mr. Star technicians can help you pick out the right TV wall mount, install your TV and audio system, connect all your devices, and even conceal all your wires for a clean premium look.

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